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Townhouse Doll House

Victorian style three-storey, Plain Walls, Tiled Roof + 2 Dormer Windows, Tiled Canopy, 7 Rooms (inc. 1 Attic and 3 arched, free-standing, partitions) 3 Ladder Stairbases + solid banisters & solid attic landing rails. Awnings over the windows. Width: 510mm. Depth: 550mm. Assembled Height: 940mm.

Townhouse Doll House
  • Townhouse Kit

  • Townhouse Ready Built

Range: Doll Houses Age: 5-7, 8-11, Grownups Wood: MDF Tags: doll house Share: Facebook

Business Card Holder - Standard

Made on the premises.

Business Card Holder - Standard
  • Blackwood and Coolibah ends

    Out of stock
  • Blackwood with Red Gum ends

  • Blue Gum with Red Box ends

    Out of stock
  • Blue Gum with Red Gum ends

    Out of stock
  • Jarrah with Red Box ends

  • Jarrah with Red Gum ends

  • Leatherwood with Coolibah ends

    Out of stock
  • Leatherwood with Red Box ends

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Chopping Board - Long Grain

Colour may vary.

  • Chopping Board - Long Grain Large Handle Blackwood

    Blackwood Large Handle

    Length: 420mm. Width: 290mm. Height: 50mm.

  • Chopping Board - Long Grain Small Handle Blackwood

    Blackwood Small Handle

    Length: 350mm. Width: 240mm. Height: 20mm.

  • Jarrah chopping board


    330mm x 230mm x 30mm Made on the premies

  • Jarrah large chopping board

    Jarrah Large

    420mm x 280mm x 30mm Made on the premises

  • Chopping Board - Long Grain Thick Jarrah Large

    Jarrah Large Thick

    Made on the premises. Hand grip in the ends. Length: 500mm. Width: 350mm. Height: 60mm.

  • Chopping Board - Long Grain Thick Jarrah Small

    Jarrah Small Thick

    Made on the premises. Hand grip in the ends. Length: 420mm. Width: 280mm. Height: 60mm.

Range: Homewares Age: Grownups Wood: Jarrah Tags: block, boards, gift, kitchen Share: Facebook

Grass Tree Bowl 360

This species of Grass Tree is only one of 29 to produce a solid wooden core. This core can take up to 550 years to form and can only be found in the isolated forests of South Western Australia. The plant needs to be dead for at least 3-5 years before the wood can be salvaged. Less than 0.1% of these dead species yield a usable stump. A diminishing habitat and extremely slow growth rate ensure that these stumps will be an increasingly rare commodity.

  • Grass Tree bowl 360

    Natural Edge

    Out of stock

    195mm diameter x 40mm deep. Turned by E.Stratford.

Range: Bowls Age: Grownups Wood: Grass Tree Tags: bowl, bowls Share: Facebook